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Happy Columbus Day Wallpapers 2019, HD Images, Pictures

Happy Columbus Day Wallpapers 

Happy Columbus Day Wallpapers 2019, HD Images, Pictures, Photos, Saying, SMS. October 8 Monday is a holiday called Columbus Day in many states of the USA. This day is celebrated for the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1942. Many people celebrate the day with various exciting activities. In the meantime, those people wish each other on that day. Now, you guys can do that with the help of below Columbus Day wallpapers.

Happy Columbus Day Wallpapers 2019

Happy Columbus Day  2019 Wallpapers

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The Columbus Day is one of the most popular holidays in the USA and many other states. This day is celebrated for the discovery of America by famous sailor Christopher Columbus. He started his journey at 1492 with three ships. On that year, he discovers some parts of America, and after sometimes, he found more. That is why the day is celebrated because that is the founding day of America.

Happy Columbus Day  2019 Images

However, many states of America celebrate the Columbus Day in respect of his discovery. At the same time, they give tribute to him by doing many activities like a parade. Moreover, many people also dress up and cook lots of delicious foods on that day so that they can celebrate the day with their family and friends. In addition to that, they also go on an outing with their buddies and enjoy the occasion as well.

Happy Columbus Day  Images

Many people celebrate the Columbus Day with their friends and family in the social media. It is a great place where they can connect with various people worldwide. That’s why many people nowadays choose this platform for celebrating festivals like Columbus Day. Now, those people can celebrate this excellent holiday with the below Columbus Day wallpapers and pictures.

Happy Columbus Day in Spain

The people of spain celebrate the Columbus Day. But, they call the Columbus Day as Fiesta Nacional de Espana. In addition to that, it is also called the Hispanic Day or the Dia de la Hispanidad on Spain as well. However, the difference is that they celebrate this festival on 12th October. Now, the reason they celebrate this day is the same that the USA does that the arrival of Columbus in the Americas in 1906.

Columbus Day  2019 Images

Moreover, the celebration also has another name called Armed Forces in Spain. They all celebrate the Columbus Day with much more impressive activities. Now, you guys can check out the wallpapers for this occasion in the below.

Happy Columbus Day Images 2019 

Happy Columbus Day Wallpapers 2018
Happy Columbus Day Wallpapers 2018

Happy Columbus Day in California

The Columbus Day is also celebrated in California. But, the interesting fact about this state is that they are replacing this festival with the Indigenous People’s Day, which is on the same day with the Columbus Day Monday 8th October. At the same time, the city of Berkley renamed the Columbus Day as Indigenous People’s Day twenty-five years ago. Now, the Indigenous People’s Day is a festival of Native Americans. But, many people celebrate both festivals together to give respect.

Columbus Day Images 2019

Now, you guys should celebrate the Columbus Day in honor of his discovery of America. However, you guys can celebrate the day and wish your friends with below wallpapers and pictures.

Columbus Day Images 

Columbus Day Images HD

Lastly, I hope you will love the above happy columbus day 2019 images, wallpapers, saying that will help you to celebrate the occasion with your buddies and family. You will be able to share them on social media like Facebook and WhatsApp status and message and wish all. But, if you face trouble while getting those wallpapers, then comment.

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